Digital Participation and Consent

Data, data, data... When working in a participatory context, arts organisations document and share creative work, participant image and information. Their words, their work and, in a lot of cases, their thoughts. The standard consent forms can simply ask about the capturing and sharing of a participant's image, their ethnicity, sex, gender, age etc, but with digital... Continue Reading →


Capacity: Creative Engagement with Mental Health Residents

A Soap Box presentation delivered at the Engage Conference, 13-14 Nov 2018 Soapbox Presentation Slide Derby QUAD’s Creative Wellbeing programme has created strong links with local health and care services over several years. For 2018, the exhibition and programme theme of “Wellbeing” has been used to strengthen these links and explore new opportunities and ways... Continue Reading →

The Engage Conference 2018 – A Social Prescription

Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, 12-14 Nov 2018 Highlights and thoughts Engage Conference 2018 at the Whitworth Art Gallery. Credit David Lindsay How to encapsulate three days of keynotes, practical workshops, presentations, fringe events, discussions, thoughts and an absolute sense of wellbeing for participants and those working in the arts? The Engage Conference is the biggest... Continue Reading →

Removing Digital and Making it Personal

Edited from original blog post for Derbyshire Creative Heritage Network 06/12/2018 MIDDLE BOUND: ‘EXPLORING THE SOCIAL FABRIC AT THE HEART OF ENGLAND’Participatory approaches to tackling themes of community, heritage, family, diversity, local history and industry. When I think back to Middle Bound, which took place at QUAD Feb – March 2018, I realise how easy... Continue Reading →

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